Alternative Lifestyles, Mental Health and the M Word.

Recently here in the United Kingdom we had a week dedicated to acknowledging the need to address the mental health issues people are suffering from. We saw adverts telling us to talk about mental health as well as a lot of advice if you are suffering from poor mental health. We at know that mental health is not some sort of weird little unknown problem that effects only a few people. The key word that we see is health. Anyone can suffer from poor physical health. There is no stigma in having a physical problem, people are quite open about physical illness. There is no problem telling someone you have a cold and people have no problem seeking help from their doctor to help them solve a physical health concern. Why is it then that we find it so hard to be open and honest about our mental health.

Mental health unlike physical health has along history of being suppressed. Its only over the last few years that the general public have been able to be honest about any mental health issues they might have. For too long people with mental health issues has suffered persecution and injustice. These days we see all sorts of people being open about mental health issues they might be suffering from. We at see this can only be a good thing. Unfortunately however with more people being open about their mental health we have to ask ourselves have we in the UK got the systems in place to help those resolve their mental health issues. 

So we hear you say what has alternative lifestyles and the M word (masturbation) got to do with a balanced mental health.  Over the last 7 years of being in business with our website we have travelled all over the United Kingdom setting up our pop up shop. Before the Covid-19 restrictions we visited swinging clubs and fetish events.  With 7 years of pop up shops we have witnessed just about every avenue of the alternative life styles. Certainly through the years we have witnessed a greater understanding of mental health and how those who don't "fit in" to what is seen as normal can struggle with poor mental health. 

When it comes to leading an alternative life style there are obviously going to be issues that take effect on peoples mental health. Feelings that you do not understand, feelings that most would see as strange can only lead to people wrestling with their mental health. This is why the communities that support alternative life styles are so important. It gives those struggling with an alternative lifestyle the choice and opportunity to vent their feelings knowing that they are in a safe environment. These communities provide invaluable free advice including clubs which allow those with these feelings the opportunity to act them out safely under guidance. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has obviously caused many problems in relation to mental health. All the clubs that once gave those with alternative life styles the ability to act them out have all been forced to close. People are penned in unable to meet with others to discuss there feelings. We have learnt to use Microsoft Teams as well as Zoom in order to meet up but we have not seen any virtual meetings for those from an alternative lifestyle. Without the ability to get advice and help address any mental health worries face to face safely with people who understand has left so many desperate and alone.

We realise that we at are not academics or professional mental health workers so we can only talk from our own experiences when it comes to masturbation. Its not for everyone some people find it impossible to even contemplate masturbation. From our own experience though masturbation has definitely helped with finding a better more balanced mental health. Masturbation should not be something that you sneak off to do. It should be something that if you are in a loving partnership you should express and talk about freely. You should share what turns you on and mutual masturbation can be just as fulfilling as full penetrative sex. The beauty of masturbation is that everyone can take part it does not matter if you are single, a couple, in a same sex relationship everyone can masturbate and there are scientific papers that promote masturbation as a way to lift your mood even bring you out depression. We at champion masturbation and sell loads of sex toys that help you in finding a fantastic climax whilst masturbating. 

For solo masturbation we have a fantastic toy which we have tried out and swear by it. The "Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration" is a toy for the solo male to enjoy. The "Satisfyer" Men Heat Vibration is made in the UK by the popular brand "Satisfier", the black sleek design has the modern man in mind.  The Men Heat Vibration combines an exciting heating function with arousing, deep vibrations for maximum stimulation of the penis tip and a truly authentic pleasure experience.  Perfect for edging your arousal, and heated foreplay.  

The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration is equipped with an innovative heat function that makes your pleasure breathtakingly realistic.  You can adjust the heat function in 3 stages up to 40 degrees Celsius and let yourself be driven crazy by the comforting warmth in the love tunnel.  

Thanks to the rechargeable batteries when your playmate needs new juice, you just recharge it with the USB magnetic cable and the vibration can start all over again try it out.   A massive  tip for you thanks to its wide opening, you can also use the masturbator on a penis that has not been erected, which makes it the perfect choice.

Another sex toy we sell which can be used mutually as well as for solo masturbation is the Doxy. This powerful wand can be used to caress the shaft of the penis the schotumb or the clitotrious. Its powerful vibration easily brings you to a very deep almost rumbling climax. One of the best models we have tried out time and time again is the No3 mains operated Doxy wand. 

The "Doxy No3 Mains Operated Wand Massager", the baby sister to the Doxy Die Cast Mains Operated Wand.  All the power of the Doxy Die Cast Mains Operated Wand packed into a compact body. Whether you want penetrating massage for painful muscles or added excitement for your intimate enjoyment, the smaller size helps you to deliver the fabled Doxy power to just the right spot. 

The three simple control buttons are all you need to go from gentle beginnings of 3,000 really pleasurable moments (RPMS) to a world-moving 9000 RPM. Enjoy our popular escalating pulse mode by just pressing and holding the power button for three seconds. Just be sure to handle all that power with care. The plug-top power supply allows only low voltage, direct current to enter the product, ensuring safe and hassle-free use worldwide. You won’t have to worry about your nearest power sockets thanks to the generous 3 metre (approx 10ft) cable.


With so many issues whirling round peoples minds there is no shock that the suicide rate here in the United Kingdom has raised so quickly in the last 12 months. Since we opened our website we have always offered free advice both about the products we sell as well as giving honest free advice about any alternative lifestyle. Even if we do not know the answer we certainly know those who can help. We have offered help from HIV testing to club events and everything in-between. We have always seen our website as a way for those from an alternative lifestyle to use our website to connect with those who can help with true advice as well as help dealing with any mental health issues anyone might have. Our website is full of pages with information about how to get in touch with us for any help we can give. Our help is totally free and the people we put you in touch with we know and are very close friends. So we know the advice they give is going to be good advice. We also know that those people we use are able to nurture and help those they help with care and love.

So the main advice we can give is never sit in silence. We appreciate how hard it is to make contact about feelings you might have. Just remember that mental health needs looking after daily. We recently spoke with a professional and he explained that mental health is like a garden. If you do not regularly tend to the garden weeds appear and the garden if unattended will eventually end up in a mess. Its the same with mental health you need to daily take care of it. The professionals advice is to exercise, talk to people about your mental health in order to keep it in great shape.     

So if you need advice about a sex toy, lingerie, lube, swinging, fetish events, LGBTQ community the list is endless contact us by email at and we will guide you in the right direction.


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